Cubbie Lockers


cubbie locker 3 space green

Cubbie lockers provide flexible, efficient storage in a 48″ high, 12″ wide storage area.  Perfect for younger students and for general open, visible storage requirements anywhere.

The GSS Cubbie Locker has been designed with younger children in mind.  The open design, different shelf configurations and sturdy construction will provide efficient, maintenance-free storage for many years.

Cubbies are constructed in stand-alone banks to accommodate 3, 4 or 5 students per unit.  The units can be installed end-to-end and back-to-back to make the best use of available floor space.  Cubbies can be easily secured to the floor and wall.

Cubbies include 2 shelves and one garment storage compartment.  The shelves can be configured as shown with 2 upper shelves or with one upper and one lower shelf.

All garment compartments include 2 coat hooks.

Available in:
+ One height – 48″
+ Each cubbie is 12″ wide
+ Three depths – 12″, 15″ and 18″
+ Banks of three, four or five

Available in many custom color powder coated finishes.
Purchase knocked down or assembled.