Can Your Laptop Security Grow With You?

Today many companies have employees who work off-site. Some workers are full time, but others come and go.  Each usually needs tech equipment to do their jobs, and keep in touch. Laptop security is a concern since they are so light, mobile and easily stolen or lost.

There are many solutions that can help a company keep their laptops secure, but these solutions all require an investment. When you are ready to make the investment in your companies laptop security, make sure you do your homework.

There are many security solutions on the market, but with how quickly everything changes it’s good to take the time and ensure that the solution you choose won’t be outdated in a few months.

laptop securityIf you have a business with different mobile workers that come and go, often checking in and out their equipment, the last thing they need is the aggravation of grabbing a laptop only to find the battery is almost dead when they power it up. It may cost a little extra, but investing in a powered laptop security cabinet is worth the cost. The laptops are kept secure, and your employees are kept active.  They also avoid the stress of a dead battery.


Another important consideration is the ventilation.  It is a good idea to teach your employees to properly power down the laptops before placing them in the storage drawer. But we all know that things happen, people get distracted, and one night of overheating can ruin a perfectly good piece of equipment.

Depending on how many laptops and other tech equipment you plan to use the laptop security storage unit for, consider the fans.  This is a good option is something you should also research.

Lockdsolid has a full like of storage equipment, contact us today for detailed information.  We will be happy to go over your particular needs and recommend the right solutions for you.

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